Transfer Support Needed: Domain unavailable, need to move database.

Started by TalonDOD, May 11, 2014, 02:28:22 PM

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I have looked over several help posts on how to back up and change hosting for my SMF board, but I have not found a situation that fits my own.

I have a SMF forum that was tied to my domain, the domain expired and was immediately bought out by an ad agency (or whoever buys sites right away) so I now cannot access the SMF forum.

I have purchased a new domain and I have backed up the database files, but I can not move the public HTML files of the forum (as noted in step one of this thread.

The first attempt I made, allowed me to access the boards through my new domain, but when I went to login to my admin account, I was redirected the old domain and was then at a dead end.

Godaddy support advised me to come here and seek assistance in getting into the database (through PHPmyadmin) and hopefully be able to change the URLs etc so that I can get my SMF back up and running and still have all the data from the past 3 years on the boards.

I am not a tech-savvy guy, so simple instructions are the best for me (lol), but any help is greatly appreciated.



Thanks, I'm trying that now.

How do I upload a file with FTP?