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Where is the form for submit the post

Started by goranr123, June 15, 2014, 03:28:46 AM

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I should write a mod that replaces 'post count' with e-peen. Means the same thing ;)


Please do not PM me for support.


Quote from: ‽ on June 15, 2014, 05:21:54 PM
Not even in the mini profile. Example:

"Civilised Discourse Construction Kit" indeed.

Looks OK, to me! :)

Not sure about the counter-thingy, bottom-right, though...


That's because every topic is a single page. Even if it's 500 posts it's still one very long page and that's the only method you have to know where you are in the topic since posts you've already read that are too far back have been removed from the page (so the scrollbar's of little use to you)


Moving up and down the page is a bit of a nightmare.

It was OK, at first, using PaleMoon x64, with Noscript blocking loads of stuff (Including that counter, as it's javascript (I guess)). When I told Noscript to "temporarily allow", it was a bit dire.


Oh, it's almost entirely JavaScript. Gets significantly better without JS, including pagination of the posts, except there's no reply function.


I've seen worse (XMB comes to mind). Odd, the reply box flashing, though. That'd drive me mental, along with people who have epilepsy.