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Unable to log into my forum, didn't change anything 2.07

Started by IgnorantFatty, July 01, 2014, 12:36:09 PM

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I am having trouble logging into my SMF 2.07 forum with any account including admin.  When I log in the error message is as follows.

Handle has been created ......

Fatal error: Call to undefined function sqlite_close() in /home/fightsport/ on line 449

I've looked for this error on google and a lot of variants, and a lot of generalized searching and have been unable to find any help.  Any ideas on how to fix this?  I haven't changed anything about the forum in about 5 months or so, it was a random occurrence.


What version of PHP are you using? The sqlite_close() function is a built-in PHP function in 5.3.x and lower (sqlite2 support was removed in 5.4.0 but is still available via a PECL extension in those versions).
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Thank you for taking time out of your busy dev schedule to point me in the right direction.  Apparently we were set to auto update PHP to 5.4 and that borked the login script.  I downgraded to 5.3 and now we are back in business.

Thank you