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Where are text strings for Unapproved Posts and Attachments?

Started by Steve, August 02, 2014, 09:00:33 AM

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In what file would I find the text strings 'Unapproved Posts' and 'Unapproved Attachments' so that I can shorten the names for when I hover over the moderate button on the menu bar?

And how do you guys remember this stuff? :P
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{your forum folder}/themes/{your theme}/languages/ModerationCenter.english-utf8.php or the whatever language you are using.
For instance if you are using Italian like me it would be ModerationCenter.italian-utf8.php ;)

As regards the second question... Well... I just looked for something related to Administration. It's not really that I can remember everything, it's all about understanding how the software really works :) at least, IMO :)
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Thanks. That found 'Unapproved Posts' but I don't see 'Unapproved Attachments' in there. This is what I'm trying to clean up:

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I'd assume it's in index.<language>.php since it's on every page.

How do I remember it? Being cursed with a memory that remembers acres of not-so-useful things and never the important things :P
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