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Ohara YouTube Embed

Started by Suki, December 21, 2011, 03:04:59 PM

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Quote from: Suki on May 06, 2023, 02:41:16 PMTheres a new version:

1.2.14 - May 06, 2023
- Remove imgur support
- Fix correctly displaying smileys after posting a video
- Use curl to make request to vimeo for getting the oembed info.

Thanks for the update! A few small bugs to report:
For some reason the embeds are injecting <br>'s on my forum; I gad to edit the iframe code in OharaYTEmbed.php to remove the whitespace; this fixes the br's

(I also had a weird bug where the play button was offset, fixing the whitespace also seemed to resolve that, but it might have also been restoring my old CSS file that had edits previously mentioned here regarding box borders)

e.g changed to:
$result = '<div class="oharaEmbed youtube" id="oh_'. $videoID .'"><noscript><a href="'. $videoID .'">'. $videoID . '</a></noscript></div>';
Also, I believe the fullscreen button is broken in the default script:
In ohyoutube.js this change needs to happen:
iframe.allowfullscreen = 'allowfullscreen'To:
iframe.setAttribute('allowFullScreen', '')


Thank you for your reports @Melonking will check them out and release a new version, sadly I cannot guarantee when it will be released due to time constraints but will def look into this.
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