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Started by kelvincool, August 30, 2014, 05:16:29 PM

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That's weird, I've tried it on my local and it works fine:

You cannot view this attachment.

I can see in your screenshot the say thanks button itself is in the right encoding so very confused why the other text is incorrect.

Two things to try, see if the same thing happens for the default theme, secondly try uninstalling and re-installing the mod.


Can standard "likes" counts be transferred to "Say Thanks" mod?

There is a very interesting function "saythanks_hide_thanked"!
But in order for this function to be in demand on the forum, you must have a limit of "thanks per hour" (or "thanks per day").

Dear kelvincool, can you add a thank you time limit feature?


Running this query will transfer likes to say thanks. Obviously ensure to backup and test locally first. Need to change the prefix smf_ of the tables to whatever you have set it to.

INSERT INTO `smf_messages_thanks` (id_member, id_msg, date_thanked) SELECT id_member, content_id, like_time FROM `smf_user_likes` a WHERE content_type = 'msg' AND NOT EXISTS (
  FROM `smf_messages_thanks` AS b
  WHERE a.content_id=b.id_msg AND a.id_member=b.id_member

Regarding your suggestion, I can certainly look into it.


Hello @kevincool

Is it possible to have the "list of users who have thanked the post" listed in order of time of thankyou occurrence?
Maybe with an administrative option to select that order, or the current order (should be the order in the table...)

Thanks for this very useful mod.


@ateofilo that should be possible, I will add it to the list of feature requests.


@Butiks time limit feature is now available in v2.5.0


Hi @kelvincool
I found out about a major issue recently: when showing thanks in the user profile, the user rights aren't respected. If a user clicks on my profile, checks for any TYs I've given in the past, he'll also be able to see internal posts, it just needs a thank you on it.
I updated to the latest version, but it still shows the same behaviour.


@CMBurns Thanks for reporting that bug, this has now been fixed in v2.5.1.

To be honest I am considering removing this feature in the next release, not sure anyone finds those two pages useful.


DO NOT pm me for support!


Quote from: kelvincool on August 15, 2023, 03:53:51 PMTo be honest I am considering removing this feature in the next release, not sure anyone finds those two pages useful.

I removed them after I noticed the issues. Our users weren't very happy about it. That's a +1 for keeping them.


The patch is installed and works fine. Huge thanks for fixing it that quickly.


v2.6.0 now released, can choose how to order the list of thanks.


Looks like it's working like a charm.  ;D
DO NOT pm me for support!