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members field only user can see & admin can edit

Started by General Xbox Gaming, September 03, 2014, 09:48:19 PM

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General Xbox Gaming

Notice: I would like this a lot right now.

I would like a new column in the database where a product key can be stored for 3rd party ideas. I have an additional column in my database right now which I can't see on my forum anywhere because I would need to make my own mod to show the value.

Basically a new column named: product_key (in smf_members)
Forum profile field which displays the MySQL field's data to only the user & admin can set/change the value accordingly.

This would help a number of software developers to make secure product keys to there application etc.

I currently produce a new key and store it in a hidden column at the moment and it annoys me that I can't see it on my forum unless I mod it.

I may have a go myself but I probably would do something that wasn't secure enough as I have had problems making a secure login.php for a program I am developing.

An API system for login would be a nice thing but security is paramount.

It would do something like this mod does but be there by default:


use the feature of 2.0 called custom profile fields....

it can be set to be entered by the user but seen only by the user and admins.

no need for a mod at all.

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