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Unifying templates

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While I was making my custom theme (using Bootstrap), I combined several templates, for ease of coding. I'm thinking of porting my changes to the default theme.

* Postbit - same style in topic display, PM, and search
* Topic lists - same style in message index and unread areas
* Board list - same style in board index and message index
Thoughts? Do you think that maybe this will help themers?
(maybe I should make this public to get the opinions of the community...)

you mean the mini profile? that could be useful, but then we need to make sure things like the ip address in the pm view gets moved elsewhere. [if a pr has not done that already]

Getting public opinion sounds like a great way to go.

Yeah. More themers.

Because I totally didn't start getting things lined up for doing that or anything by separating the per-post template out of the main message template and I didn't have the unread areas also call the message index for the legend :P

On the one hand it sounds like a good idea. On the other... Display and Message index are likely to be amongst the places customised along with the Board index, and unifying them can actually limit customisation down the road.


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