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any step-by-step instructions?

Started by elTopo, October 01, 2014, 10:32:54 AM

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I run a forum on phpbb v. 3.0.11. The database is in utf-8 and most of the data in greek.

I had a couple of issues with phpbb that haven't been solved.

Recently I installed yet another forum with smf and I kind of liked it. So I'm thinking of migrating my phpbb forum to smf.

I look around and I see threads on this and that and I've seen the converters software, but I haven't seen yet any step by step instructions.

I'd appreciate if anyone could point me to the right direction.



In short:
* Install SMF (be sure to choose UTF-8 at install) in the same server, in a different folder, in the same or different database than phpBB. If installed in a different database, you need to grant the MySQL user on the SMF database access to phpBB's database. If unsure, install in the same database
* Get the converter -->;
* Unzip it and send the 2 files to SMF's folder (where SSI.php is)
* run it via browser -->

You need to provide the full path for SMF and phpBB, your database password, choose UTF-8 in the dropdown box and xazam! :P
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I'll study your instructions and then have a go.

Thanks for the quick reply, margarett! :D