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I am testing the Beta of SMF 2.1 and have noticed the page content jumping when the browser window is resized. This happens due to the responsive new theme, which is is a nice feature for mobile browsers.

2.1 is still in beta, so you may already be aware of this behaviour, but you may also be open for suggestions:

* On a forum with a fixed width, when the browser window is resized, the width of the posts does not shrink, but other functions of the responsive theme still work (the date above the menu bar disappears, the menu bar turns into a vertical menu, causing the above mentioned jumping). Either the width of the posts should shrink as well, or the fixed width shouldn't be responsive.
* This brings up the next suggestion: how about a "maximum width" for the forum, that can be used as an alternative to fixed forum width? So you don't have to use a width with % (IMHO it is really hard to read with these layouts on widescreen) and still have the benefits of the responsive theme
* Allow to enable the responsive theme feature for mobile browsers only
* Allow to completely disable the responsive theme feature
Looking forward for 2.1 stable. Keep up the good work!

Hmm... Fixed width must die that's for sure :/ because to get maximum value for small screens we use 100% for wrapper.

You cannot enable/disable the responsive theme for mobile only... its a purely CSS work (you need to use checks to see if its mobile etc...), we choose the responsive because of not having that type of work on us. You can disable it completely by removing index.responsive.css. I'm not fan of adding yet another setting.


--- Quote ---Allow to enable the responsive theme feature for mobile browsers only
--- End quote ---

The entire point of 'responsive' is that it responds to what the user is using - one theme for everything.

A responsive theme should never ever have a fixed width.

And as Arantor says, responsive means that you use one theme and it properly resizes down when viewed on different devices/screen widths...   Making it mobile only would defeat the very purpose of making it responsive...   And mobile only themes are outdated and outmoded...   Responsive it the way forward.

And no...   Disabling the responsive design would essentially mean a different theme. If you want that, then use a different, fixed theme. The default theme will remain responsive by design.

I like the Default theme the way it is! responsive, and I'm working on a darker theme to go with mine, and then maybe a responsive main menu, that will, go to the menu like narrow icon, for the drop down.

Give it time, and after SMF starts reviewing the MODs ) I guess when in the RC stages, someone may come up with a mobile detect mod and theme, I have seen them on other projects that work nicely. ( I'm not fan of these apps )

But, please keep in mine that..there are some issues with using mobile detect scripts and mods, that force people to get or buy and app, to view 3rd party content, that you may want on your site and keep your visitor there! One example is youtube, if your videos on some "How to" ( 3rd party networks ) subjects or news, they will only show a link in the window to view this content on youtube, thus taking your visitors away. ( not good). Some phones will take them to the source anyway and try force the app on you or them. (when do we get free information back to Net?)....just saying!

Now whenever, I view my site, ( responsive in the windowz phone) , it will show the video on my site, in the typical phone browser and it fits in the little phone perfectly! Tablets even better!

I have toyed with the responsive stuff for a few years now, and other ways as well.

I feel SMF is moving in the right direction, I'm liking it as stated before!

New app, How to pay for all this stuff you'll need?  lol :)

Below plz find the menu I'm working on, the screen shows it open or dropped own!


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