Find and repair errors: Look for wrong topic starters

Started by Gwenwyfar, December 15, 2014, 12:37:10 PM

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When the ID of a topic starter is different than its poster, it should count that as an error and fix it to replace it with the poster ID.

There is another issue related to this as well, in that "attribute posts to member" doesn't seem to check for this either, so if you attribute new topics to some member, the topic starter can still be something else and the topics won't be listed under their topics in their profile. Though I haven't checked if this is the same if the ID was the default visitor ID, this definitely happens if it is anything else.

Doesn't seem like this would be difficult to implement either, would just need to run a check to see if they are the same, and if not, update one.


The second bug is known, was fixed in 2.1 as far as I remember.

The first... I thought it did actually.


Nope, almost all of my members have wrong IDs due to the conversion, I'm having to fix them manually, find errors returns empty :/

And before that, they were all guest posts, which I attributed posts to a certain member.

But I'll try making a 2.1 upgrade on my local test to see if it has this added. Are there many changes in the database tables between the two versions?

Edit: Nope, 2.1 doesn't fix that either.


If this isn't being handled in 2.1, it *really* should be and should be filed as a bug report on Github.


Um... I wouldn't mind if someone could do that, I don't even have an account in github, wouldn't know where to add it there if I had.