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Wondering if there is a public demo of 2.1 available or perhaps an unofficial one?

A few of the team members have them, not sure if they want to link to them.

But given that it's free software, there's nothing stopping you running your own test copy to get a proper feel for it.

If you are aware with basics of local testing which just means know how to install WAMP (or alike) and install SMF :)

You can get SMF 2.1 Beta 1 (Latest Build) here:, I think download site pack has some install bugs in it.


I have a demo up at (Updated just today.) Let me know if you want a temp admin login to play with things.

Bob Perry of Web Presence Consulting:
If you want to see a 2.1 version with several different modules installed, visit my site, just click the image in my signature...


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