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Hi everyone,

We've been getting concerned about how certain folks are promoting their mods to users and as a result, we've had to establish some rules regarding how they can be promoted fairly.

[*]Users should post to the Help Wanted (not for support) board to request custom or unique, paid mods. Free modification requests, or general requests for a formal modification (this does not include personalizing or customizing an existing mod) should be posted to the Mod Requests board.
[*]Topics posted in wrong board may be locked, moved or deleted by team members without notice.

Authors of Paid Mods
[*]Authors of Paid Mods should not advertise their paid mods and/or any other promotions outside of the defined boards.
[*]Authors may post a primary advertisement topic in Other Paid Services/Items for sale.
[*]Authors may post their new products as new topics in the Other Paid Services/Items for sale board.
[*]Authors may reply to topics, indicated as desiring a paid mod, in the Help Wanted (not for support).
[*]Authors may reply to topics, in the Mod Requests board, if their mod (paid or free) fits the needs of the request, so long as they clearly indicate that the response is for a PAID (or free) mod.
[*]Authors should not "dig up" old topics or post to old topic(s)*.
[*]While responding to a direct request for a mod is acceptable, authors should not post new topics Mod Requests which advertise their mod(s) .
[*] If an author has uploaded (to a free version of a mod which has a paid/pro version, that author is expected to provide support for the free version, as with any other mod offered on our site. Requiring users to buy the paid/pro version for support will result in the free mod being treated as an "abandoned" mod (as with any other mod which no longer receives support from the author. The free mod may be removed or locked at the judgement of the Customization Team Lead.)
[*]Authors can use Chit Chat for their giveaways.
[*](Optional) Authors may create a topic about their work website;
[*]Authors can use Showcase if their sites are powered by SMF.
[*]If Authors are not using SMF powered website, they can open topic to Other Paid Services/Items for sale
[*]Authors should not use same topic as their website showcase to make giveaway or promotion announcements nor should that topic include posts about new products or beta (upcoming) versions.
[*]As indicated above, authors should post their new products in the Other Paid Services/Items for sale board.
[*]Posts made by Authors in improper topics may be locked, moved or deleted by team members without notice.
[*] Authors cannot recommend themselves, their services or their products as the "best available" (Best is often a relative term. Describe the merits of your products or services and let the user decide which is best for his or her needs.)
* Old Topic(s) are any topic in which the topic owner or any other user has not posted to in more than 6 months.



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