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You've got karma!

Started by live627, June 12, 2014, 02:32:06 AM

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This may be one of the worst decisions made by SMF. Not the karma functionality, but the calender. My forum uses it very heavily, and if there are no immediate plugins with up-to-date upgrades as new SMF versions are released, it renders SMF useless to us.


Not being funny but you clearly didn't read the thread.

2.1 has not removed the calendar. It is still a core feature.

The point being made was that it has been fiercely debated both ways to remove it in a future version and make it a plugin - and at the same time make the plugin system much more reliable so it would be much saner to actually make it a plugin if it were actually done (and it would be available with 3.0 for that reason).

The calendar is a strange beast. It is used by a tiny percentage of the SMF userbase... but those that do, make heavy use of it. It is a maintenance nightmare, it has a number of bugs in it, it is also a performance hog (more than it needs to be) and a plugin with proper importer would make a lot of sense for various reasons.