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Database error

Started by Decent_946, February 25, 2015, 10:44:42 AM

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Asalam-u-alaikum everyone..

hello all communtiy member's.

i am facing a problem with my forum....
i recieved a mail about my forum's forum's database is showing error..
u can see in pic.

for now my forum is working..if i will nt solve this problem my forum will be stopped..

i have faced this problem 3 times before.. and i don't no how to slove this..
my 3 previous forum's were blacked and i made everything new again..

my database is showing error of my new forum....

so how can i transfer my database to other one..?? or
any other solution if u have than plzz help me....

and sorry if i have posted this in wrong board.. thank you..
Thankx to RebellioN



That's an information that SMF sends you when for some reason, your database could not be connected. It's usually a server host and, since you're using a free one, that will happen every now and then.
It's not worth to move the database to another database. If your forum grows enough, you will require a better (and paid) host.

Good luck ;)
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well okay i understand.....

Thank'x For Your Help MarGaRetT....

can u tell me a good forum hosting....

i mostly use vice-hosting..

but it is close now..
Thankx to RebellioN


I've been getting this error a bit as well lately, and I definitely never got it before updating. Not sure what in the update package would cause it to happen though.