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Methods to create boards faster

Started by ![]stuntman[]!, March 18, 2015, 02:34:33 PM

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Sometimes I need to create a lot of boards (mostly for game servers), and I find it pretty boring and it takes way too much time, I would like to see in SMF 2.1 some improvements to the board management section.

For example:
- editing moderators for more boards at a time
- setting a moderator in the main board and automatically being set in the child boards as well. (Maybe a button which we should check ?)
- creating more boards at once with similar settings (almost everytime only the board name and description is being changed when I create a lot of boards)
- creating boards dynamically, having an advanced mode when we can select the category to add the board in, so we can easy move boards and add them without selecting from that huge list of boards from one category.

I can't think of more things to simplify them, but I guess that there can be other things as well.


It seems like I can't modify my first post. Sorry for double posting.

I thought of another really useful idea. Something like "Administrator per Board/Category", or "Super Moderator", or how you want to call it:

The ability to allow some moderators to create boards only in the specified categories or boards (only child boards would be allowed for a board). Also the ability for moderators to add other moderators which can't create boards and add other moderators (regular moderators, like now).


Quote from: ![]stuntman[]! on March 18, 2015, 04:40:37 PMIt seems like I can't modify my first post. Sorry for double posting.

There is currently a time limit on editing one's post so don't be sorry. :)
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