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SMF 1.1.x incompatibility with recent PHP versions (PHP5.5+)

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Unfortunately, the license for SMF 1.1.x does not allow distribution of modified source files.
It only allows modification packages which instruct the system on what changes to apply to source files.

That being said - anyone who is still using 1.1.x should really upgrade.
Although vbgamer has made mod packages with some of the updates, I am fairly certain that some of the security fixes have not been backported - and as the systems diverge more and more, it's going to be harder.

Additionally, Study Force... SMF 2.0.x doesn't support php7.2 yet - so there is no backport for that.

Thanks, I did not know that, sorry.

I have no much time to learn how to make it as a package. In mean time I backported some of the important CVE vulnerabilities too.

I know it's good to upgrade - no doubt in that. The reason I am keeping it is that the forum theme is not working with 2.0.x and my forum is inactive for few years - I am keeping it up for historical reasons (registration is disabled, users are gone).

I used some patch for PHP 7.1 which someone gave me some time ago. Then I patched it myself to work for PHP 7.2 because I fount it to be very easy. That's all.

P.S. Yes, there are other files as well. It looks like Load.php is not very trivial to fix.


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