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Started by vbgamer45, December 25, 2009, 01:57:08 AM

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I have membergroup types free to join or leave. If users join to the group, they get displayed an additional board.
Configured at Administration Center » Boards » Modify Boards » Allowed Groups

When a user joins the group, they won't see the topics. Even an admin does not see the topics, they should see all.
If I use 'perms_override' => true, for testing the topics are shown correctly.

I use this code:

// New Group Topics
$parameters = array(
'limit' => 5,
'length' => 42,
'category' => array(15),
'perms_override' => true,    >>Just for testing
'output_type' => 'array',
echo '
<div class="cat_bar">
    <h3 class="catbg">', $txt['welcome_NewGroupTopics'], '</h3>
<div class="windowbg2 contentblock">
<p>', $txt['welcome_NewGroupTopics_Description'], '</p>';
$group_topics = ssi_multiBoardNews($parameters);
// If nothing to show
if (empty($group_topics['topics']))
<div class="startpage_article">
<div style="float:left;"></div><div style="padding-top:15px;">', $txt['welcome_NoGroupTopics'], '</div>
// Loop through all items
foreach ($group_topics['topics'] as $news)
// Output the items
echo '
<div style="float:left;"></div><div><h3><a href="', $news['href'], '">', $news['subject'], '</a></h3></div>
<div>', $news['body'], '</div>
', $news['link'], $news['locked'] ? '' : ' | ' . $news['comment_link'], '
if (!$news['is_last'])
echo '
<br />';
echo '

Does somebody has any idea.
Quality first


Quality first


Probably. I have to see what I need to change.
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