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[Theme] Default Orange

Started by Vranx, October 19, 2005, 05:20:38 PM

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Buttons by xenovanis, they can be found here:
I asked and received permission to use icons from The icons may not be used to make a profit, and there must be a link on the bottom of the forum giving him credit.
I deleted the search box and moved the buttons down a bit. I redid the catbg graphics to add more color.


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nice work, how about if you collect all color in the same place? :P
i saw the read one also, i liked it too
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I have purple, orange, black, red, green, grey, royal blue, default blue. I will release them soon.


Nice work. Although I recall another Default-Orange theme made by dtm.exe... I also recall Default-Green, Default-Red and several others made by azmaniacs :)
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Its too bad we dont have a site where all the themes are stored. Looking through 95+ pages in this thread is frustrating. I saw the default red and grey themes. Hadnt seen the others.


Yes you are right, however a better themes section is going to be implemented :)
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J. Williams

Try search for OI Orange,the orange theme you made is better.
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