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Max Emails Per Hour & Usage Stats

Started by ziycon, July 27, 2015, 07:40:25 AM

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At present you can enable the mail queue and set a maximum number of emails per minute, I would like to see an option to set a maximum per hour as most hosts limit email relays on an hourly basis and not per minute.

Also it would be nice to see a stat that is done on an hour basis from the top of the last hour so say it's 13:30 and I've sent 10 emails since 13:00 and I have a maximum of 100 emails an hour, the stat would show something along the lines of:
QuoteEmail Usage in past hour (from top of hour just passed): 10/100


Also if there is an hourly limit sent on email say I have it set as 100, it would be nice to reserve a certain percentage or number of these emails for registration emails of new users.

In case the admin sends out a email to the all members and there is 500+ the registration email wont be sent until all those emails are sent so your looking at at least 5 hours till the new user gets their registration email and if they have to validate via email they will be waiting 5+ hours and might just give up on the forum in question.

Just a few thoughts.


well, the thing is (on the max per...)

if you set it to 100 per hour, your system could, theoretically send out 100 in the first minute -- which would almost definitely trigger anti-spam procedures on many hosts.

So, setting it to 2 per minute would send 120 per hour max, but no more than 2 per minute (which should not trigger warnings from the host)

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