I am Vietnamese and find Vietnamese developers to correct Vietnamese translation

Started by saosangmo, August 04, 2015, 02:08:19 PM

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hi Mods,
Please keep this topic for me. I want to find Vietnamese developers who correct and complete translate some new features in version 2.1.

Mình thấy bản 2.1 mới có nhiều tính năng hay, dù chưa ra lò chính thức nhưng cũng ok trong tương lai. Vậy có bạn nào hứng thú chung tay để dịch cùng mình ko?


I have translated the most of frontend string into Vietnamese. Do you care it, visit https://huongtinhyeu.net to view demo and PM me, I will send my translation.


you should apply to become a translator and then it can be added/updated to the current translation

Quote from: Dzonny on February 08, 2017, 06:18:55 AMIf you're interested in helping out with one of the languages currently available or a language not yet available, please send your application through this form:

Note: In order to apply to become a translator, it is necessary to have a minimum of one post on the forum.


Thank you, I have been applied to be a Vietnamese translator. Hope you approved soon!