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Security features that work

Started by kgw, September 09, 2016, 02:27:32 AM

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After a 5 year hiatus I came back to SMF.
I noticed that you are still using outdated visual verification.
Set to medium I am getting 20 to 50 false accounts a week.
If I set it to extreme I get around 10 false accounts a week.
Also when set to extreme, some of my friends can't read the captcha, but the bots can!

I did notice that you have an Akismet plugin. This is great for stopping new topic spam but does not stop reply spam.

I would think that with all the thought that went into SMF, security would be a priority?


take a look at,_what_can_I_do

also this is not a security issue, it is a spam issue. there are some improvements in SMF 2.1 already.


Welcome back ;)

Security is a priority for us. SPAM isn't exactly a security issue but instead an hassle.

You have the most efficient tool for preventing bots: Questions and answers. We've been telling this for ages, Q&A is the way to go.
If you still require visual verification, you can, eg, integrate reCaptcha -->
Or use a different visual verification for free, eg:
A paid option which seems to work pretty good, based on the reviews:

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