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Missing cdata_parse in News.php

Started by nend, November 25, 2015, 01:03:39 AM

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Just looking through my feed and notice that the titles in there didn't have the cdata tag surrounding them.

This is only in the sub action for recent, all others seem to have the titles in the cdata tag.

// Doesn't work as well as news, but it kinda does..
if ($xml_format == 'rss' || $xml_format == 'rss2')
$data[] = array(
'title' => $row['subject'],

and here
elseif ($xml_format == 'rdf')
$data[] = array(
'title' => $row['subject'],
'link' => $scripturl . '?topic=' . $row['id_topic'] . '.msg' . $row['id_msg'] . '#msg' . $row['id_msg'],
'description' => cdata_parse($row['body']),
elseif ($xml_format == 'atom')
$data[] = array(
'title' => $row['subject'],