Click Post Message - just hangs but message has posted

Started by Psychoduck, December 21, 2015, 06:35:24 AM

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Title says it all really.

Version: 2.0.11

Only mods are Simple Video/Audio Embeedder (up to date)

Forum version tells me it's up to date when I check.

However, for some time now when you post a new topic, write your message and then click 'post' to submit it, it just sits there and seems to be doing nothing.

When you click on the category or index links your new post is there.

I've run all the necessary maintenance tasks and can't see any errors anywhere so what's causing this?

It's very confusing for my members as a lot of them aren't techy minded and think their post hasn't posted.

Any help gratefully received

This doesn't happen when you reply to a post, you click 'post' and the reply is there instantly.