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SMF 2.x url and iurl tags bug

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I don't know if this is intended. On both 2.0.x and 2.1 versions.

Both of url and iurl tags, when the address is inside quotes, the output link breaks. (both single quotes and double quotes)


Moreover, on SMF 2.1 Beta 2, if the link is added via the sceditor button (WYSIWYG mode). It inserts iurl tag (instead of url) and if the given address has space in it, it adds double quotes and there we have a broken link.

Hi, not sure if I understood you right.  So you are trying to do this:


If thats the case then yes it will fail as either single or double quotes cannot be used in an url, SMF encodes the single quotes but the result is an invalid url. Perhaps what you want to achieve is this:



No, that's not what I meant.
This is the example I used:


Some urls have space in them. (bad practice but they exist)

[url="http// file.mp3"]My song[/url]

and as I mentioned in the first post, when in WYSIWYG mode (SMF 2.1) and trying to add a link via the link button on top, if the URL has space in it, sceditor automatically wraps it up in double quotes. (also inserts iurl instead of url)

I cannot reproduce this on SMF 2.1

Using your example:

http// file.mp3

Using WYSIWYG mode I get a clean url, the same with using BBC tags. What 2.1 version are you using? or what are the steps you do to reproduce this behavior?

I just downloaded the latest from Github and the WYSIWYG bug is not happening there anymore. :)

But this double quote use:

[url="http// file.mp3"]My song[/url]

Includes double quotes in the url. Is that intended?


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