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[Split] "You are unable to connect to's latest news file."

Started by PLAYBOY, January 27, 2016, 04:05:25 PM

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I tried everything above and my issue is still remaining
- Nothing in error logs has been created
- I have 2 forums in same site and one has no problem while the other is unable to connect. So obviously it`s not a server issue
- I dont have that "Simple image upload" mod installed. In fact there are only 2 mods installed. Aeva and related topics which are also installed in the other forum with no issues
- This has been going on for a while now but I dont know when it actually has started
- I`m able to update the forum by going to package manager and clicking on the notice with link on top. So It downloads and installs the packages with no problem.
- Never changed my language files since I created the forum about 5 yrs ago

The only thing I didnt try yet is the DB things explained right above and I dont really want to mess up with DB right now as I`m not an expert and everything else seems to be working well in the forum

So any suggestions will be appreciated


Is there no one can help me on this? I`m not sure If I should create a new topic as there are many suggested solutions here but they dont work for me


I think starting your own topic with a description of the problem and a list of symptoms, list of mods, forum version, and (if possible) forum url would be a good idea.
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Topic split.  It's usually much better to post issues in a new topic, rather than one that is a number of years old, even if you are experiencing similar problems.

My suggestion would be to explain everything that you have tried so far, so that the support specialists avoid recommending solutions that you've already tried to implement, in addition to the list of things that Steve posted.
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