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The SMF project welcomes Suki as the new PM!

Started by Kindred, February 17, 2016, 07:58:25 AM

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The SMF project recently had its annual elections for the PM position.

After many years in the position (albeit with a short break) I have stepped down as Project Manager of the Simple Machines Forum project. I will continue to be involved with the project, providing support and what-have-you, but I don't feel that I have the time to commit to the PM role.

Suki - a long-time team member who has "worked" on the support team, the customization team and has been one of the key developers in the support of the 2.0.x branch and the ongoing development of the upcoming 2.1 branch - was elected as the Project Manager of SMF.

Suki is well respected by the team and the community in general. She has some great ideas and excellent goals - and, actually, will be the first active developer who has taken on the role of PM.

I look forward to seeing her lead the project into the next release and beyond.

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the new Project Manager.


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Thanks for your work Kindred. Congrats Suki, I hope you don't bite as hard as I've seen.


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Thank you Kindred for the many years of doing a great job; and congrats & welcome to Suki! :)
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Seems like the perfect fits for sure, congrats Suki. and Thank You Kindred for all you have done here for everyone.
What we often may forget is SMF is free and remains a top user software because of such dedication that persons like Suki and Kindred bring to the table I am truly grateful. And again thank you.
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Thanks Kindred for all the great service you have provide to many of us..

Congratulations to Suki for accepting the position. I wish her the best on this endeavour..



You did good as PM Kindred, thanks for all you have done. Congrats Suki on the promotion.


excellent news!

Suki is a wonderful coder and will be a great PM

Also thanks to Kindred for all his work over the years

Chen Zhen

I extend warmest felicitations to Suki as the new Project Manager.
Imo this is a well deserved promotion/title.


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Thank you Kindred for all your contributions!

Congratulations to you Suki!


All hail our new glorious leader Suki!  May your luck be bountiful and your endeavors be prosperous!
I have been truly inspired by the SUGGESTIONS as I sit on my throne and contemplate the wisdom imposed upon me.



Wonderful news!

Thank you, Kindred for all of your hard work and congratulations, Suki!


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Diego Andrés

Long time without seeing such a big change.
Congratulations to Suki, wishing all the luck.

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It's always good to keep freshening things up.

But what does this mean to the general public, to which this notice is targeted? Will anything change?