SMF doeasn't recognize new domain names and considers these as invalid

Started by koubel, October 29, 2015, 11:20:16 AM

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When anonymous user (who is not logged in) wants to add new topic with email "[email protected]" SMF doesn't allow it and shows warning about invalid email. It's wrong because "[email protected]" is valid email address.

Tested on latest SMF 2.0.11 linux mysql



the new (and bizarre) TLDs are not supported as valid domains in email addresses...

remember... v2.0 is a few years old at this point and the new TLDs did not exist when it was created.

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The fix is quite easy, though...

In Subs-Members.php, you find this:
// !!! Separate the sprintf?
if (empty($regOptions['email']) || preg_match('~^[0-9A-Za-z=_+\-/][0-9A-Za-z=_\'+\-/\.]*@[\w\-]+(\.[\w\-]+)*(\.[\w]{2,6})$~', $regOptions['email']) === 0 || strlen($regOptions['email']) > 255)
$reg_errors[] = array('lang', 'profile_error_bad_email');

This bit here
States that the .something must be between 2 and 6 characters (after the dot) long. ."systems" is *7* characters long :P
So you can change the upper limit to a more pleasant value to you ;)
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Yeah I would recommend changing the {2,6} to something higher maybe 10
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Looking at the list on Wikipedia, the longest non-international TLD at the moment is ".cancerresearch", which is 15 characters. Most seem to be 12 or fewer characters though.
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