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Wide A Responsive Theme for SMF 2.0.11

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Wide is Super Flexible, Responsive and Bootstrap Based theme with Unlimited Options. It’s Quite User Friendly with Sticky Tables, Retina Display and Attractive User Interface.

The Domain Shop:
Nice theme, why not change link colors to match?

I will try it. A lot of responsive themes do not work properly - menu problems.

Only thing I do not like is the side menu. The reason is that  I (and many people) use Simple Portal (one of the most popular mods) so I end up with 2 side columns. Would be nice if there was an option to have the  menu on the top all the time.
Still, I will give it a try as it looks pretty good and a lot of our forum users access the site from their phone. I had to go back to Curve as there were so many problems with themes and mods, or mobile theme menus not working.

Hi, I did not fully understand where mistakes

here demo

work mobile

I have not found any 'mistake' with your theme. The problems were with other themes.


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