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I'm converting a forum from Snitz to SMF. The conversion process goes well. Snitz -> SMF 1 -> SMF 2.0.11.

I've configured SMF the way I want after the conversion. I'll do another Snitz dump right before we take the site down to make the live conversion. Is there anyway to save the settings from my test environment and apply them to the live site? That or is there a select few tables I can import and leave the settings table alone? I would like to get as much done in the test environment to save downtime during the conversion.


I've had a bit of success, but will keep playing with it to make sure I didn't break anything. I emptied boards, members, messages, and topics and then imported those tables. Everything looks good a first glance.

Am going this approach too - ie manual import - but I noticed the post body in IPB (my source board) has the text in HTML tags. If we just import these verbatim, I suspect they'll just show up in SMF with those tags. How do you convert them into a format that SMF understands - or at least strip them of all HTML tags?


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