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; or %3b in activate action SMF 2.0.11 - PHP 5.5.9

Started by fremme, March 31, 2016, 03:13:20 AM

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Found that to many people struggles to enter the activate link in the received email.

Like:  (modified)     /index.php?action=activate;u=FOO;code=BAR

The problem is that the ; separator was not handled correctly in QueryString.php
In lines starting around 150 - there is code trying to handle this, but this code

if (is_string($v) && strpos($k, ';') !== false)   :: Here it's looking for a ; in the key

Modified by me:
if (is_string($v) && strpos($v, ';') !== false)  :: Here it's looking for the ; in the value, and in the value it is, not in the key

So - after changing this - all is working nicely