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backup my posts, for users ?

Started by westfw, July 05, 2016, 05:39:36 AM

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Is there a way that I, as a user of an SMF forum, can get a "backup" of all the posts I've made to that forum?
In case of disasters like the vendor maintaining the forum goes out of business and the forum goes away, or
hardware disaster at an ill-prepared site, or whatever.
I'm just thinking that I've generated a lot of content over years of use of some forums, and I wouldn't like that all to be lost!

I guess that this would theoretically work something like:;u=1234;area=showposts
but would return more results, in some format that was less page-like and more "download-like" and non-web-browser friendly (so that individual posts could be extracted and reposted relatively easily.)
The ";wap2" modifiers are somewhat helpful, but they cut down the number of posts in each page.

(alternately, is there a way to increase the number of posts in the "area=showposts" results?  "limit=n" didn't work.)

If this already exists, it should be easier to find it in the manuals!
If it doesn't exist, please consider this a feature request.
(it seems a better idea than having users write some script to web-crawl its way through several hundred pages of "showposts" output?)


If you are submitting a lot of content for one forum only, why cant you save it before in some local file on your PC?
So you will always have an instant backup of all your posts.
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