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Started by mant, August 01, 2016, 12:04:26 PM

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I began using the built in messaging facility in the Simple Machines Forum. I've been corresponding with another user on my forum.   I noticed that I have no record of "sent" messages - messages that I've typed out and sent to the other person I'm communicating with. 

I was not able to use the online manual here (I just get a white screen).

Anyway, has anyone had this type of problem before or I'm I just not looking in the correct area?

This is where I'm looking (for my sent messages)

My Messages --> Sent Items




Are you sure that you checked the "Save a copy in my inbox" box right under the message?
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Profile -> Personal Messaging -> Save a copy of each personal message in my sent items by default.
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Thanks for the help! 

I wasn't checking "Save a copy in my inbox" (didn't even notice it was there).

I did change my profile so that sent messages are saved. 

Again, many thanks!



I have the same problem and I have the option "Save a copy of each message in sent items" checked. Still, I don't see Sent Items anywhere. When I click or hover over Personal Messages, all I see is Inbox and "Send a message".

I'm using the default Curve theme.

I have a Russian language pack installed. Could it possibly be the reason of the problem? Can a language pack break such a core feature?

Update: I do see the messages I sent when I change my PM settings to the dialogue view, but still no Sent items folder anywhere. Me and my users are used to seeing it separately from the inbox folder and, as I understood, this is how it is supposed to work.


please open a separate topic for your issue, this topic is marked solved and belongs to someone else.

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If you are using sidebar menus, Sent Items is in the Messages menu, under Inbox.  If not, it's in the Messages dropmenu.  It's there whether or not you are saving sent messages.
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