Is there a way.

Started by iLearner, October 31, 2016, 05:09:57 PM

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Hey, i am currently using mybb 1.8, and no offence in saying that it sucks really bad, and i wanted to convert to SMF, and since there isnt any official convert, my question is there anyway like from mybb 1.8 to some else forum and from there to SMF 2.0.11, any other software?
Or can i do it manually some how? mybb 1.8 to smf 2.0.11?

Help will be appreciated, all my community members are having bad time with mybb.



please dont bump within 24 hours, we are all volunteers and will reply if and when we know the answer to your question.

at this time there is only one person working on converters, that person is busy with real life. right now i dont believe there are any other converters other then what you can find in these boards available.