Blank page with this version

Started by shadymisa, December 04, 2016, 04:54:06 AM

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Hello, I'm trying to install this forum for the web and the problem I have is that it is left blank. With the previous version worked well. Can it be by the php version of the server? I have the 5.6

Also I have seen by other forums that it seems that it does not have support for movil you can confirm it to me?


if the page is loading as a white page, look for your php error log and find out what the error is. once the error is known then it can be fixed. SMF fully supports php 5.6. if there is a different issue then explain it further or provide a link so we can see the issue.


Thanks for the answer, the old version if I worked well, I will try to reinstall.


Nothing! It's working, thank you very much.