Clearer visual clue to whether I am editing in WYSIWYG mode or not

Started by PeterC66, February 04, 2016, 11:21:58 PM

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I am new to SMF and my forum is not yet public, but one feature I would like is to know easily whether I am editing in WYSIWYG mode or not. Of course I can work it out by trying something (eg bold) and seeing what happens. And I think I notice the toggle button does change its shading, but it is not clear to me; nor can I remember whether being slightly darker means I am in WYSIWYG mode or not.

Thanks again for the software.


WYSIWYG mode is a white background. If you check WYSIWYG as the default for users to see when they post, then the box you type the post in, will be white, and will ignore the theme's colours completely.


WYSIWYG editing mode can be off (whether due to profile settings or just having toggled it) and the box will still be white.

Whether one is editing in WYSIWYG is not cued very well - I can barely tell on my native forum, and I can't tell at all here.

Maybe making WYSIWYG mode toggling have a text button and, or instead of, an image button by default would work - there seems to be room next to 'Change Color', at least on mobile.


Not going to happen in 2.0, and 2.1.has a completely new editor which I think solves this problem.
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