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Thanks to a very active community, Simple Machines Forum is currently available in over 45 languages. Even though we're proud of that fact, we continue to search for ways to improve the quality of our international support and to make new languages available, so that more people can benefit from the SMF software.

In order to provide higher quality language files, we've created an online tool allowing multiple users to work on the same language at the same time. This will make life a lot easier for translators and speeds up the time it takes for a translation to be released as a language package.

The tool allows us to take a different approach when it comes to translating the software. We used to require that translators would spent a lot of time translating the full language package. Now that the tool is in use, we can invite anyone who's interested in helping out, so that more people can make the job of translating a language lighter.

So, we're looking for new (and current) translators. A requirement to join the team of translators would be to have good skills in both English and the language you're translating to and that you can spend a significant amount of time on translating.

If you're interested in helping out with one of the languages currently available or a language not yet available, please send your application through this form:

Note: In order to apply to become a translator, it is necessary to have a minimum of one post on the forum.

UPDATE: We moved to a new software for translation. Please check out this thread for more information and joining the translation team:
SMF moves to a new translation platform: switching to Crowdin

already sended, Dzonny  :D  :)

Best regards

actually, i would like to work with you as a translator. i can read, speak and write upto 15 languages. now im working as a content writing services company in india and also in notice period. what are the other formalities and rules to join with you?

Read the first post...  follow the instructions...

I always wondered why not make that translation tool open to anyone who has say 5 or 10 posts?! I guess you are afraid that it could be abused?

Statcounter has a site translation tool that is open for the members. That way anyone in the mood can translate a line or more. Then a moderator only has to approve or reject that translation. That is how it works past 3 or 4 years. Much more simpler than what we have here - no applications, no strings attached ("that you can spend a significant amount of time on translating").

Now, despite that their system is much more open, still the translations are going very slowly. I only can imagine what is the situation here.


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