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At this time "Custom Profile Fields" have two limitations and I don't quite understand why.

1. Privacy options are limited to:
    a) Users can see this field; owner can edit it
    b) Users can see this field; admins can edit it
    c) Users cannot see this field; owner and admin can edit it
    d) This field is only visible to admins
2. "Show on Topic View" availability depends on "Privacy" option selected, i.e.  becomes active ONLY when either option 1.a) or 1.b) is selected.

Is there a reason for that? I would very much like to create a custom field (let's call it "Notes"), visible/editable ONLY to/by admins AND moderators and also have it shown on topic view (say, "Below signature"). That would enable moderators to make behavioral notes about nasty users, visible only to moderators at every post made by said users.

In short, I would like to:
1. have a fifth option (This field is only visible to admins and moderators)
2. have "Show on Topic View" active for any "Privacy" option.

Is this reasonable/doable?

well, the logic is that it should not be displayed in the public area unless the account owner can see it

So, while possible, I think this is a mod request ad would not be proper for a feature change

It's a good suggestion though, it could also be used for the admin to keep up with who is who, like "I invited this guy onto the forum at the ...Expo at..." for instance, so you'll always seem like you know exactly who is who without having to check their profile every time.


--- Quote from: Kindred on February 12, 2017, 09:38:06 AM ---So, while possible, I think this is a mod request and would not be proper for a feature change

--- End quote ---

Vanilla Lumina:
I know this thread is almost a month old but it'd also be nice if we could set a custom order of custom profile fields instead of them having to be in alphabetical order. ^^


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