Cannot find emailTemplates.english.php file

Started by robander, May 14, 2017, 09:37:11 PM

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I cannot find the file emailTemplates.english.php in my     public_html/sources   directory. Is this where it should be? If it is not there then does this mean my reminders to renew subscriptions are not going out? How can I fix this? Thanks.



Thanks Antes. I found the file. My problem is I do not know why my reminders to renew subscriptions do not go out. I have tried it manually too through Scheduled Tasks but got nothing. Do I need to edit this file for it to work? I am green and need some coaching. Or may be its just not working for another reason. Thanks.


It's not a file problem or a problem with the message that's being sent your issue is the email send capability check the FAQ on problems with sending the emails

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