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Code: [Select] function not working in recent web browsers

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The "Code: " function in SMF 2 has for as long as I can remember always displayed "javascript:void(0);" at the bottom left of screen in Firefox/Chromium/Chrome (and probably others) but the function still worked .. ie. when you clicked on "Select" all the text in the code box got selected.

Now it does not, you still get the "javascript:void(0);" message, but clicking "Select" does nothing .. the text in the code box does not get selected.

This seems to be related to web browser version, as if I drop back to Firefox 51 the function works, but it does not work in Firefox 53.

[SMF 2.0.13]
(and this forum .. 2.0.14)

--- Code: ---test here
--- End code ---

Does your site use HTTPS?

It does yes .. but as I said the function works in Firefox 51 and earlier versions of Chromium/Chrome. It just seems to be in recent browsers.

Here's an example:

--- Code: ---,5420.msg54342.html#msg54342
--- End code ---

I was half expecting you to say no. Firefox has been changing its requirements so that higher or more sensitive features require HTTPS and potentially that would have been one of them. But it's not that.

Hmm, it still works on Chrome 57, and in Firefox 52, but you're right it's broken in FF 53. I wonder what they changed that broke.

You're also right, it's working here too in Chromium 57 .. so it appears to be just Firefox 53 where it's broken ???


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