All custom field types should be searchable

Started by Sebastyne, May 06, 2017, 10:20:30 AM

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I add this request thinking it was an oversight that this hasn't been done yet; I do think all custom profile fields should be searchable the same as the text fields. I would imagine it to be the easier search or sorting option for the member list to sort by the radio buttons or select lists, but currently, it is only possible to make a text field/area searchable. I think modders haven't done this yet because it seems like "probably will be added in the next release anyway, no point wasting time" -kind of a feature, although it has been an issue since 2011 judging by the old posts on the forum here.




well... given that 2.0 has been feature locked since the RC versions and 2.1 is feature locked --   nope... it's unlikely to make it into any upcoming release - so, if someone wants to mod it, they should go ahead. :D

also... it's not as simple as you would like to assume, given that custom fields are not stored in the members table.

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You brought up a 6-year-old topic that's not even in the 'Mod Requests' board?

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