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help needed
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:26:58 AM »
I am the webmaster for a 501 C-3 tax exempt, non-profit organization.  I have a phpBB3 board that was originally migrated / converted from Discus (cgi?). This was done by a third-party. It is not  functioning properly now  although it has been trouble-free for some years. Because the conversion was a bit tricky and the goal was to preserve the earlier (Discus) look and structure of the forum, I have been reluctant to upgrade. Now the version I'm using is no longer supported and because I was not involved, I do not understand the workings of the phpBB software--something that phpBB more or less expects of people using their software.   Compounding this, I am 72 years old and daunted, to say the least, at the prospect of the task ahead. I am not and never have been interested in coding at the level that is more or less required of phpBB users.

I have been interested in SM for some years but the organization I represent, being a non-profit, was looking for inexpensive forum software when we first started thinking about a web presence. If only because we did not know how well a forum would be received (and of course, as a non-profit. we don't have a great deal of margin for such expenses).

So I need to know what a conversion and installation to SM would cost and how easily and timely it could be accomplished.  I would greatly appreciate any input that might be offered.

Thank you.