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Dear Users,

Simple Machines is proud to announce the release of the 3rd Beta of SMF 2.1. This version contains many improvements over Beta 2 and also fixes many bugs that were discovered following its release.

Among the notable improvements:

* Added reCAPTCHA as core feature to keep spammers away.
* Upgrade.php code clean-up. Now the upgrade process should be more consistent.
* RSS general improvements.
* Added support for jQuery 3.x.
* Modified Curve2 to improve the responsiveness of the design.
* General bug fixes, code improvements, and clean-up.
* Default codification will now be UTF-8.
For full details of what has changed, please see our GitHub repo.

The general installation/upgrade procedure of this Beta release remains the same, however, once you upgrade from an older version to 2.1 you cannot go back, so please take careful consideration before upgrading any live site. Have a look at Installing and Upgrading SMF in the Online Manual to find out more. You cannot upgrade to 2.1 Beta 3 via the package manager; instead you will need to carry out the Large Upgrade process. SMF 2.1 can be obtained from the download section.

Please note that because this is a beta release, translations and language strings other than English have not been finalized and may not yet be complete.

Finally, as always, this topic is not for support. Discussion and support for 2.1 can be found in the 2.1 support board.

Finally, thanks to all of the team and development contributors who have brought us one step closer to a release candidate. On behalf of the project, we appreciate the time, energy and contributions you have made.

Thank you for using SMF

Kind regards,
Simple Machines Forum Team

Good to see 2.1 moving forward. I await when it becomes a stable and recommended for live sites.

Very nice work, thank you so much to everybody contributing and making this release possible! :)
Congrats team!

Yeah, baby!

青山 素子:
Been a long time coming, glad to see the progress.


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