I broke it - please help!

Started by pellet_newb, June 28, 2017, 03:35:57 PM

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I was given admin rights to:

pelletheads dot com  today - it runs 1.1.21

I was attempting to center and image and I broke the website!  The owner passed away back in April and we do not have FTP access, is there ANY way to remove the code I added to index.template.php with out it? 



OR any way to access the admin pages?  if you go to the site you will see the error.


if you were editing the files then no there is not a way to fix it without FTP. we dont recommend editing files from the admin panel because you cant revert them if you cause an issue.


Have you at least access to the hosting panel? Maybe they've got a file manager to fix it, instead of using FTP.
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No access to hostgator or ftp... We have reached out to his wife so hopefully she can help.


I found another topic where someone said to add "?theme=1" to the URL and that got me in!  I was able to edit the code and we are back up and running.