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A quick way to find the actual mod that conflicts with one that wish to install

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in Linux anyway. Windows method may be possible if you read on.

this may not be the best place for this advice and it's very simple advice at that but it still may help someone ...

I must have too many mods on because i'm always running into patch or mod installation conflicts/errors so what i do is:

zgrep try_a_bit_of_the_code_that_failed_to_be_located /var/www/html/Packages/* (or wherever your compressed downloaded mods live).

a bit of trial and error may be involved.

Can you explain what zgrep is and how to run it from Windows?

sorry but I just changed the post as it's a Linux thing (in CentOS, anyway).

zgrep searches for character strings in compressed/zipped files.

this may help though:

I've no idea how to use Linux but thanks for the grep explanation anyway.

neither did I until I built my forum.

you are welcome ... the link I posted tells you how to search for such strings in Windows using winrar.


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