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Started by madmanrulez, May 09, 2004, 08:01:15 AM

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I tried to post chinese(simplified) topics titles and i can only see the code when it comes out.

before in yabbse it was fine. Thanks for the help


the unicode characters only work on some parts of the forum, like the post body or signature, however, you can change your forum charset to UTF-8, and it should solve the problem for putting those characters in other parts of the forum (post title, personal text, etc)


where would i be able to do that?? I checked the database and a few pages, they not there

i saw the variable $context['character_set'] but don't noe where it leads to. and i don't want to hardcorecode it.


You might set it to BIG5.  Or UTF-8.  It's language file specific.