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Is InnoDB fully supported in 2.0.x?

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I've been thinking of making the conversion to InnoDB, but it is unclear to me whether it is explicitly supported. 

It's not mentioned on the requirements page:

There is an old thread or two that mention issues with merge functions, but they are old. 

I've been assuming it's OK...  Checking that assumption... 

It should work ok. Main thing is to make all the tables the same type otherwise there could be performance issues on the joins

Also read the performance notes, I seem to recall there used to be issues around certain tables needing to be reordered though I think those were fixed in 2.0.8.

Thanks for the input.

I'd read all of those notes, but it's hard to tell if any of the concerns apply to current versions or not. 

I've had my test environments InnoDB for a while, so I went for it in prod.  So far, so good.  If anything pops up, I'll report back. 

A year later and everything is fine.  No issues whatsoever. 

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Interesting discussion on InnoDB on this thread, including some restrictions, e.g., on fulltext searches & filesystem restores:


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