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Possibility of the edition of standard fields of SMF profiles

Started by jsx, August 25, 2017, 09:56:14 AM

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I would like to ask if can you implementing the possibility of the edition of standard fields of SMF profiles in 2.0.15 version? I think that these standard fields of profiles should be editable so that it is possible to take advantage already of ready fields of profiles that is: Location, Gender, so that it is possible for these fields to choose an option "Yes, and require entry". Apart from that since these fields are already as a default in SMF what I am supposed to create new fields about the same names up to? Better to use from these ready fields, only so that it is possible for itself to adapt them to personal needs.


I don't think we're going to implement this for 2.0.15. I also think this is already included in 2.1, though.
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I understand it, but I think that it would be useful such a possibility in SMF 2.0.x, ince through the long long time people still will be using 2.0.x not everyone at once will pass on 2.1. Please think this suggestion. :)


we are not adding features to SMF 2.0. this will not be added.


I understand it, it although give the solution how it is possible for itself to change it that these fields would be editable provided it is simple to do in such meaning, that one should find the code and replace it other.


Given that these have been literally converted to custom fields in 2.1, there is little chance this will be done in 2.0, even as a mod.