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Conversion Question

Started by mitek, September 04, 2017, 12:30:45 PM

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I am in the process of trying to convert PHPBB version 3.0.12 to the latest version of SMF.. database is right at 700MB or so. I have  dedicated server and I am running Plesk on CentOS, dual Xeons etc. I do have all of the converters especially the ones that are recommended and have been rewritten in particular for PHPBB version 3.0.12. Have read all of the threads here etc numerous times so I'm not too worried about converting.

What I need to know, and what I cannot seem to find anywhere is this...

Does it damage the database on phpbb when you run the converter.. in other words if I start the conversion does the conversion process actually make a mirrored copy of the new SMF database as it pulls it into SMF or does the conversion process actually destroy or damage the original PHPBB database thereby making the original forum useless?

I have backups on top of backups of everything but I would like to see if this conversion is going to work and I just want to make sure running the converter doesn't actually kill the database on the PHPBB side... in other words when I'm finished I would like to have mirrored sites, one running PHPBB 3 (which I will get rid of once I have SMF setup the way I wish) and the new one on SMF with the converted database



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the existing source database is not modified at all during the converting process.


Thank you.. thats exactly what I needed to know.


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