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Has anyone installed the Chevereto /Pugin yet?

It's not Packaged and I have no idea how to implement it!
.... something about adding  custom HTML

.... Help

From Chevereto:
For SMF and any other CMS, you must refer to the documentation of each target system in how to add custom HTML.
If you don't want to read then ask SMF community  directly because you want to install the plugin in that system so ask the people who run that system.


Is this Mayhem? I could re post the instructions here as I'm sure they won't get deleted although a forum mod may want to move it to off topic/mod section instead of support.


Yep, it's me, Mayhem!

Not sure why 'Chevereto ' is being such an arse about this, not all of use are 'coding kings'!   >:(

Anyway,  Yes please, please re-post your instruction here.


I see your site uses the core theme. I have not been able to get the plugin to work on the quick reply box although it does work on the regular reply box. I'll post the instructions in a bit, have to run an errand right now.

Hopefully someone smarter than me will see this thread and help out with the quick reply/Core issue.


Not too worried about 'Quick Reply'.... no one ever uses it!    ;)


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